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The most reliable barrel pumps money can buy.

Durable. Unique. Long Lasting.

Hand Made. Well Priced.

The Best Value in River Rafting Pumps You'll Find Anywhere.  

Class V

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Class V River Rafting Pumps
The Full Leather Gasket Exclusively in a Class V Pump  Far more robust than rubber O-rings in other pumps.

The Full Leather Gasket Exclusively in a Class V Pump

Far more robust than rubber O-rings in other pumps.

Owner and Pump Maker Rod Anderson explains why leather gaskets make for superior pump performance.

Built to Perform.  Priced to Compete.

Class V river raft pumps are the most reliable and rugged barrel pumps on the market today.  Our pumps are hand built in small batches, and offer unique features, including an internal sand and dirt trap and a proprietary internal leather gasket for longevity.  No more replacing cheap, worn rubber O-rings, or losing performance while an O-ring wears out.  Yet our pumps cost the same or less as those you'll find anywhere else.   You spend less time cleaning and more time rafting!

All of our pumps come with a crush-proof 6' hose and our extremely reliable internal check valve. Anything we sell comes with a 10-year warranty on parts and craftsmanship. 

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Durable Leather Gasket for a Long Lasting Seal

Durable Leather Gasket for a Long Lasting Seal

Flimsy O-Ring Typical In Almost All Other Pumps

Flimsy O-Ring Typical In Almost All Other Pumps

Leather Gaskets Hold Up Much Longer than Thin Rubber O-Rings

Leather Gaskets Hold Up Much Longer than Thin Rubber O-Rings

Robust Leather Gasket in Class Five Pumps Dwarfs Smaller O-Rings

Robust Leather Gasket in Class Five Pumps Dwarfs Smaller O-Rings


Hand Made in Idaho. Serving Rafters Around the World.

Here in the home of the mighty Salmon River, we know river rafting and the demands placed on rafting pumps.   Class V pumps have been hand-built right here in Idaho since the mid 90's. Our pumps are preferred by many commercial river outfitters as well as private river runners.   Because they're rugged, they work, they last and they don't use cheap rubber O-rings to push air.   O-rings wear out.  Which leaves river guides and rafters with pumps that don't work as well as they once did.   With Class V pumps, our proprietary, long lasting leather gasket replaces short lived O-rings, and providing peak performance far longer and more  consistently than any other pump design.

My name is Rod Anderson, Owner, Pump Builder, Retired Firefighter and lifelong River Runner. 

Call me at 208 201-0220 to discuss your river pump needs.   I'll be happy to talk with you and answer any questions.



Class Five Pumps Spring Blog 2019

Ask any real aficionado, and they’ll tell you leather is just better than rubber.

While this is true in many realms, we can tell you for sure it makes a huge difference in the long lasting performance of high quality river rafting pumps.

Our craftsmen have designed and made Class Five River Pumps by hand for decades, and our experience says, a custom made leather gasket inside your hand pump performs better and holds up longer than the cheaper O-rings found in almost all other pumps, and by a significant margin.

Inside every hand pump is a plunger to push the air down (and depending on pump design, sometimes both ways.)

Manufacturers typically use a thin, rubber O’ring around the outside edge of this plunger to seal the edges and create an airtight barrier that helps force the air out of the pump in one direction.

But over time, this rubber dries and tears, creating leaks around the plunger and reducing your pumps efficiency. You end up putting more effort into getting your raft inflated, and the problem just keeps getting worse. If the ring fails completely, the pump is useless without repair.

20 years ago, we developed a better way. Enter the thick leather gasket found exclusively in Class Five River Pumps. Combining the plyability and sealing power of rubber with a much more durable and long lasting material nature, our thick saddle quality leather gaskets give you full pump performance far longer than almost all other pumps especially those with O-rings.

Perform simple maintenance every couple of years by oiling the leather to maintain its flexibility and your Class 5 Pump will push air like no other for as long as you own it.

When you’re out in the middle of the wilderness, days from your take out, with only your and your equipment to get you through, having a heavy duty high quality raft pump, built to last inside and out, is the smart way to go.

Class Five Pumps

Remember, when it comes to long lasting high performance whitewater rafting pumps, leather, is better.

River Pump Gasket Maintenance

The most important unique feature in Class 5 Whitewater Raft Pumps is the propriety leather gasket. Made of top quality, durable saddle leather, these gaskets provide superior performance and longevity far beyond flimsy rubber O-rings. With just some simple treatement—removing and soaking the leather in warm oil once every three years—you can keep your Class 5 rafting pump in peak performance condition. Its as simple as that. In this short video, pump maker Rod Anderson shows exactly how to keep your Class 5 leather gasket in pristine shape, even after years of use.

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